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The Sugar kings perform in a variety of line-ups from duo up to 8-piece.


Here are some examples of band formations.



Guitar and small percussion set both singing in harmony. Ideal for background but can be quite lively if appropriate


Trio A

Tres (Cuban folk guitar), baby bass, small percussion set + 3 vocals based on a traditional Cuban trio. Suitable for background or more lively events.


Trio B

Piano, baby bass, percussion set. Similar to Trio A but with the option to be Jazzier



Either of the above trios with an added trumpet or violin, with piano or Tres. This line up is louder in general although can still be background music if required.



Percussion, piano or electric guitar, baby bass, trumpet or violin + female singer. Great for dancing or listening. Performing in a CubAnglo style with a mixed repertoire of Cuban arrangements of English language songs plus Cuban songs.


5 - 8 Piece

2 x trumpets, piano, baby bass, timbales, congas, female and male singer. Mixture of the English language and traditional Cuban songs. Suitable for full on dancing or mellow listening

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